A century of luxury goods


Since 1901 the Hvorslev family has been making highly valued products of precious metals here in Sweden. Mr. Hvorslev is the fifth generation refining the family heritage and for three generations the Hvorslev family has been designing luxurious jewelry.

Mr. Hvorslev’s own jewelry adventure began after his world travels to France, Italy, New York, Australia, China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Recognizing the high demand for handcrafted luxurious jewelry for men, he started to sketch on what would later become The Patrimoine collection.

The lifestyle brand Rasmus Hvorslev was born in the outtskirts of the Northern Europe wilderness – right next to Lake Vänern. A wild place with scurrying cold and long dark nights but with a shivering feeling of vigour.

The perfect place for creativity.

The Patrimoine collection is dedicated to Rasmus Hvorslev’s grandmother, the Internationally well-known jewelry designer Theresia Hvorslev. Theresia Hvorslev has won several international awards such as The Diamonds International Award, three times. Further, she has had countless solo exhibitons all over the world – from Tokyo to New York.

”I thank my grandmother for all the stories I’ve been told and for her courage to always face her fears and lead the way for a world of female entrepreneurs. Without you I would not be a Jewelry designer. And a special thank you to my whole family and all of my friends who supported me to follow my dream.”

-Rasmus Ask Emil Hvorslev Billeschou